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The Independents

Follow Your Own Path- The Independent Colleges and Universities of Michigan

There are so many options when looking at what type of post-secondary school is the best fit for a student.  We are fortunate in Michigan to have many options available to our students.  Many of us have heard about the Public Universities of Michigan, but what about all the independent schools that are out there.  There are a number of private colleges and universities that may be the perfect fit for a student. 

So, why would a student choose a private college or university?  Private schools are generally smaller in size which can be very appealing to some students who are looking for a more close knit community.  Private colleges and universities often have a smaller teacher to student ratio, so students are able to get to know their professors better and have more individualized attention.  Private colleges and universities also provide ample opportunity to get involved in sports, clubs, study abroad programs, and other activities sponsored by the school.
On November 13th, 2014 a few of the high school counselors attended a program to learn more about the Independent Colleges and Universities in Michigan.  Our goal was to learn as much as we could about each of the schools so we can share them with our students and families here in Novi.  We have compiled a list of facts about each of the schools to help shed more light on some of these great schools.

Detroit Mercy
  • Has a nationally ranked Engineering Program
  • 100% of the 2014 graduating engineering class and nursing class were employed in their field or moved on to higher education in the field of engineering or nursing.
  • Offers 1 of the only dental schools in the state
  • Scholarships are automatically looked at when applying; the average scholarship last year was $18,000/yr.
  • They offer Division I sports

  • Only offers an undergraduate program
  • K-Plan includes: Depth and Breadth in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Learning through Experiences, International Study Abroad Program, and Senior Individualized Project
  • 80% of their students study abroad at some point during their undergraduate experience
  • Foreign Language and PE/Wellness is required
  • They offer a flexible open curriculum

Sienna Heights
  • Was an all women’s school all the way up through 1969
  • Offer scholarships in both sports and the arts
  • Giving back to the community is an important part of this school’s philosophy
  • They offer strong Science and Arts programs
  • Students with higher than a 3.5 GPA are invited to a scholarship competition day on campus

  • Insurance and Risk Management has 100% job placement
  • Offers Division III sports
  • They super-score the ACT
  • Their current enrollment is 1152 students
  • They offer an Education Program for the freshman year that allows students exposure to the different classrooms

  • Located on 50 wooded acres inside the city of Detroit
  • Classes have between 7 and 15 students
  • Have a 75% job placement rate
  • 90% of students will have an internship or go on to graduate school
  • Offer a BS/BSN with Oakland, 30 Marygrove students will be admitted to Oakland University to complete a 5th year BSN degree

Spring Arbor
  • Nationally ranked school of education
  • Average class size is 20 students
  • 1st semester senior year they have CORE class with 15 freshman and a faculty member.  The classmates all live on the same dorm floor and it becomes like a family.
  • Requires a 3 week cross cultural trip with faculty and staff, the cost is included with tuition
  • NAIA Division II sports

  • A 3.0 and 20 on the ACT make you competitive for admission
  • Free to apply
  • 1500 students enrolled
  • If you make less than $20,000/year when you graduate your loans are repaid by Spring Arbor until you make $37,000 or more

  • 1400 students on campus with an average class size of 16
  • An all undergraduate school, allowing for a large number of undergraduate research opportunities
  • Nearly half of the students have a study abroad or research abroad experience
  • A G.P.A of 3.0 and ACT score of 20 makes a strong candidate for admission.

  • Christian history with options for Christians to explore faith-yet a diverse campus with all faiths welcome and represented
  • Strong emphasis that the first year is about exploration, they encourage students to make commitments about majors later
  • All freshmen have a first year seminar and their professor is their four year advisor
  • Only offers undergraduate programs
  • Located right in Holland, MI and is just a short bike ride from Lake Michigan.

  • 4300 students, making them a larger, private, independent school
  • 300 students live on campus
  • Is a Catholic University, not required to be Catholic or participate in ministry
  • 6 religious studies credits are required
  • They offer graduate programs, undergrads can stay and pay the undergrad rate

  • A Catholic College located in Grand Rapids
  • 50% of students are Catholic and 70% are of the Christian faith
  • Their largest departments are Business, Sciences, and Education
  • Some unique programs they offer include: Sustainable Business, Community Leadership, Conductive Education, and a Nursing Collaboration with Detroit Mercy
  • NAIA sports, two of their new programs are men and women’s bowling and men and women’s hockey

Alma College
  • If you have an IB Diploma you can enroll with 32 credits
  • Offer the Alma Commitment, if you do not graduate in 4 years, the next semester of tuition is free
  • Their Law School and Medical School admission rate is 2 times the national average
  • 1/3 of students are involved in Greek life
  • Average financial aid package is $20,000

Andrews University
  • Christian University affiliated with the Adventist denomination
  • 80% of students are from outside of Michigan
  • 10 sister schools outside of the US
  • Some unique programs include Architecture with a Master’s Degree is a four year degree plus one and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy with 3 years undergrad and 3 years graduate school
  • They offer Dual Enrollment for high school seniors through an online format at the cost of $100/credit

  • Think deeply, live fully, act justly
  • A minimum of 2.5 GPA and a 20 on the ACT
  • A strong faith based school
  • They emphasize Research, Internship, and Service
  • A Division III school with the largest D-III arena in the nation
  • Liberal Arts emphasis
  • 35% of students participate in Greek life and 65% of students work on campus
  • 83% Graduation rate with a 97% employment/graduate school rate
  • 10th in nation of happiest students
  • They do not use the FAFSA, but the CFFFS their own form
*Please keep in mind that we do our best to take the most accurate notes.  Please check with each University for exact and most up to date information.

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